February Newsletter

Better late than never? We’ve had some technical difficulties getting the newsletter uploaded and sent out to our mailing list, but I decided to practice what I preach and go ahead and send it. Something > better than nothing & I don’t have to be perfect to take up space (or whatever my therapist said).Continue reading “February Newsletter”


Interested and want to be the first to get the details? Fill out the form below! https://forms.gle/fsUwbBcEm9JZsNvGA Spring 2023 groups will be announced in 2-3 weeks so if you have an opinion, this is your time to make it heard! When we hear back from those currently on the waitlist, we will make decisions aboutContinue reading “NEW GROUP(S) FORMING…”

Club Q Shooting

“If you mean what you’re saying, sign your name to it.” Did I sign mine big enough?  TLDR: Stop killing gay people! – @tanayager Heart broken for Club Q, for their family and friends, for the entire queer community, for myself, for my office, for my clients. I am just heart broken. And mad. And sad.Continue reading “Club Q Shooting”